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The rose-picking season goes through dramatic turns in 2017. The warm winter and early spring promised a shorter rose-picking campaign which favors the extraction of excellent quality rose oil. The weather however, did not keep its promises. The middle of the rose-picking season was accompanied with torrential rain, especially at the end of May. The rose campaign dragged on and will probably exceed its average duration by ten days or so. What is even worse, the excessive moisture reflects negatively on the quality of the rose blossom and its purchase price.

The price of the Bulgarian rose oil which is the best quality worldwide was at record highs over the past five years. It cost EUR 4,200 per kilogram in 2009. In 2017 it was sold for EUR 7,200 per kg. This encouraged many owners of rose gardens in Bulgaria to expand their lands planted with rose flowers. The lower price of the rose blossoms this spring will cool the enthusiasm of many people and the expansion will eventually stop, mayor of Kliment village forecasts.

Bulgaria and Turkey are currently the world leaders in terms of rose oil production. However, the quality of the Bulgarian Rose oil remains the best. It contains a wide range of nearly three hundred aromatic components. This is mainly due to the specific weather and soil conditions in the Bulgarian Rose Valley near the town of Kazanlak (Central South Bulgaria), as well as the country’s century-old traditions in this sphere.

Each year Bulgaria exports between 1.5 and 2 tons of excellent rose oil. A great part of this rose oil is organic. France which is known for its perfumery industry is Bulgaria’s biggest client of rose oil. Bulgaria also exports to other European countries, the USA, Australia, Japan and China. Rose fragrance is extremely popular in Asia where it is widely used in the confectionery along with traditional sectors such as perfumery and cosmetics.


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